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This is such a complicated title lols.
And so, after endless self debate, self battering and procrastination... I have finally signed up for a Nuffnang account. In case P1110398 small copyyou don't know, Nuffnang is a blog advertising middleman kinda company (who have proven to be longstanding and honest). And in case you don't understand, that means advertisements will start appearing on this very blog.
And why the long ramble about it? Because well, let's face it. Cosplayers hate commercialism and sell outs, or at least people with actions they feel are so.
Don't tell me that's not true because I've been in the hobby for 9 years and I think that makes me experienced enough to anticipate what cosplayers will be gossiping over their dinner gatherings. Its a risky decision because like I've discussed before, cosplayers can be one of the most elitist and anal bunch. And I seriously don’t want to get flamed/political/hated (omg…I think my last sentence just tripped it=_=). Of course there are also cosplayers who aren’t as volatile lah. But I’m just saying.
* Giveaways details at the end *

11thOct08_Ep1_Suzumiya 101
Honestly, I'm not even entirely sure if this is a good decision or whether I'll actually see any money. After all, more bloggers earn nothing from their blogs than bloggers who do. But I figured if I were to fulfill my dream of being a cosplay travel blogger then I'll have to work even harder to get enough money to go around. Money is forever an issue for a cosplayer, I’m sure every cosplayer will agree with me on that =(
And since I'm dedicating so much energy to this blog, it seemed only natural and gradual of a path to take. After all, so many anime and figurine bloggers have already done so! 

I don't know if this would work out because cosplay is such a  prime forte topic, it seemed almost impossible anyone would want to advertise in here except maybe costume merchandise and anime merchandise.
Sticking a lot of random pics to hopefully get you guys on my side =X.
But at least I tried. And I won’t have to live with that annoying regret of “What If?”
It would be good, to for once, feel materialistically appreciated for my hard work. Alright, sorry for the long rant. I just had to get it off my chest. Alright, change of topic, giveaways below!

Giveaway details below! 
Click on the image for a bigger picture
I've already mentioned before I'm giving this 2 set of stuffs away. If you're up for adopting them, just leave a comment below and say “ i can haz gundamz” ! I will subsidize up to SGD$5 for the shipping. But you will have to pull the rest out from your wallet. See what a nice person I am :D?

*Edit: Can't believe I left these info out! *palms forehead* But anyway, deadline for this is 5th October. I'll select the winner via I know you guys are definitely anxious for the gundamz but I will be going Korea (yays!) soon till 5th October. So please bear with the wait ^^;

P1130417 P1130421  P1130426
The photos above are the mini gundam from the box with magenta text. I’m sure you can judge from the size of it compared to my hand that it’s pretty small.

P1130422 P1130425  P1130424
And another box of a ship model. Which I have not opened yet so no photos ^^;;;

Btw, I won't be shipping them off with the paper boxes unless requested. The boxes are ridiculously big for something so small and I don’t want extra shipping to be charged for them!

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