World Cosplau Summit Tour Package (USA only)

God always seem to have a weird and cruel way of playing pranks on me.

So, I’ve been toying with the idea of a Japan trip since forever. And might even really be going this end of the year. But my friends and I are still sorting our itineraries and stuffs out now and we can’t seemed to get to a conclusion. To explain our(or rather just mine-_-) dilemma simply, I wanna go Japan to experience all things Otaku, visit Akihabara, go to Maid cafes, butler cafes and attend Cosplay events. My friends want ………………… NONE OF THOSE |||oTL

So I then toyed with the idea of maybe going for a short cosplay oriented one myself. And thought, hey, might as well go to the prestigious World Cosplay Summit at Nagoya right??? I don’t even mind being some sort of ‘saikang’ (do it all, caretaker, nanny) to the WCS Singapore representatives. And so yesterday, I emailed Singapore Cosplay Club to inquire if they provided such services but alas, they do not T_T.

And then just 10minutes ago, while checking my Gmail, I saw something. Look at how Google MOCKED ME!

image Do you spot it?

Argh, I swear those annoying Google bots and Spiders are in conspiracy with someone or something to remind me of my misfortune=_= !!!!

ARGH YES i know they are some intelligent ‘content relevant’ generated ads. But i still feel irked=_=  

image Apparently a 7 day package tour to Tokyo and Nagoya. Highlight of the trip , of course, is the joining of the World Cosplay Summit.



“ Destination Japan is a package tour service that takes you to Japan and gives you a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t find anywhere else.  Our tours are specially tailored to show you Japan’s deep world of pop culture and tradition, and do it better than any other tour service out there for an even better price.  Designed to be your window to whatever aspect of Japan you love, and to expose you to new and fascinating things you might not have known about, Destination Japan has everything you could want in a tour.  We’re here to make going to Japan easy, exciting, and unique, and we think that’s just the kind of trip to Japan you’re looking for!

Organized and managed by H.I.S. International Tours (L.A.), Inc., the US-Japan travel agency that is second to none, Destination Japan is poised to provide you with a professionally run tour service to Japan that still gives you the excitement and freedom that you yearn for on traditional sightseeing tours.  Destination Japan understands what it takes to make a tour fun and interesting no matter where your interests lay.  With experienced and friendly staff to accommodate you any way possible, you can count on a relaxed yet unique experience on a Destination Japan tour. “

And no, this is not an advertorial. I just thought some of you guys (USA citizens only) might be interested in it and figures maybe someone can benefit from my misfortune.

Click on the pictures above of visit the website here to learn more.

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