Twitter ??

I don’t usually do Vlogs because I find it awkward to be rambling in front of a camera alone. But I’m here with one to ask a question.

Do you guys think I should start a twitter bar or something here on TCC? I find it weird to be sharing snippets of my life with people I don’t know and……….honestly I don’t know why people (except my personal friends) would want to read about my boring life.

Anyway I digressed again. I want to keep this blog as “Cosplay and Animanga” centric as possible so yeah…the tweets, if I ever start one, will still be very ‘cosplay’ centric. But I’ll prolly be talking about my own cosplay journeys/photoshoots/dressmaking journey etcetc. I dunno, I’m still having a very fuzzy idea about this whole thing.

Comment and let me know alright?

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