What do you want to see?

*EDIT: Seems like the poll's kinda unfriendly. So... just leave me a comment below at this entry if you like  =) *

Hi peeps!

I was wondering, what is it that you guys enjoyed watching/reading most on this blog. SO I made a poll by the right side to get some feedback from you guys . Alternatively, you can also comment here or at the tagboard to let me know what you would like to see on this blog.

Other than churning out more tutorial videos which i have been lagging furiously behind  (just like you guys, I only have 24hours a day =P).

I also intend to do some series cosplay focus. Like, I'll set a theme or focus on a specific Anime/Manga/Game series, then source out fabulous cosplays from that series or theme.  Maybe I'll even do some top 10 charts XD

Erm.... maybe not *coughsflamewarcough*

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