Yuki Sakuragi Cosplay : Another by Mon

This Yuki Sakuragi Cosplay is a very dramatic, this is Yuki Sakuragi, a shy girl, quiet and kind from Another anime, in Episode 3, when it rains she has a brief bonding moment while standing under her umbrella with a boy she like. but at the end of the episode it also become end of her life, she slipped on the stairs and accidentally impaling herself with the tip of the umbrella on her neck.

And in this Yuki Sakuragi Cosplay picture Mon has brought that sad episode into very vivid and dramatic Yuki Sakuragi Cosplay, blood splattered on the Cosplay picture look more like Yuki died because her head hit the floor (it should be pooled right?), well ... it doesn't important, love that blood effect, just thinking about it made me ache already xD (die with umbrella tip on the neck isn't good idea).

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