Princess Shirahoshi Cosplay by Hiko

This is Princess Shirahoshi Cosplay (Shirahoshi Hime) from One Piece Anime series,  this  cry baby and clumsy mermaid princess has the power that can not be seen by most people, not just about her being able to control the Sea King (as Posaidon in One Piece Anime) but she also has a great strength her heart, she can keep her promise to her mother and keep her mother's dream alive.

                                                Hiko's WorldCosplay

I'am sure This Princess Shirahoshi Cosplay picture was taken in Shirahoshi Hime's room, hey ... Luffy, you should get out of her room, there's no food left in there, I think this is from One Piece Anime episode 500+ when Luffy meet Shirahoshi for the first time. well ... what do you think about Hiko as Shirahoshi in this Princess Shirahoshi Cosplay picture?

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