Kawaii SeeU Cosplay by Roon

SeeU is  VOCALOID character from South Korean developer, she is adorable Moe kitty character that make you want to squeeze her, SeeU is mysterious 17 years old, Lively and cute girl, she has a Nekomimi (cat ear) which makes her twice as cuter, and the best part is...her Nekomimi is a detachable speaker, I think we do not need earphones anymore if close to her ^^'.

Well...its Super Kawaii SeeU Cosplay by Roon, roon has a nice cute detachable speakers Nekomimi too, sweet blonde hair (thats really look like rally natural), dolly round eyes, a perfect Kawaii SeeU Cosplay Costume and she also come from the South Korea same as SeeU. She's perfect isn't she!?

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