Cute Aoi Yamada Cosplay by Tocchi

A cute and cherrful waitress in training from Wagnaria Restaurant, her  name is Aoi Yamada (although Yamada is her fake name), in Working!! anime she introduces herself as Orphan and she said parents died in a house fire but actually she just a girl who ran away from home.

                                Tocchi's WorldCosplay

Aoi Yamada is a cute girl with long black hair, you can see how cute he is in this Cute Aoi Yamada Cosplay by Tocchi picture, but actually she has a secret personality, she seems to switch from being a sweet, innocent little girl to an evil and tricky girl (that what scary thing about girl). well I think Rinto Tocchi has made her perfectly super cute in this Cute Aoi Yamada Cosplay by Tocchi picture.

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