Asuna Yuki Cosplay SAO Game Romantic Scene

Ever heard someone fall in love and get married after know each other in a Online Game? yes I have heard it, Asuna Yuki and Kirito really be in love after they met in Sword Art Online Game and continuing after they wake up/be free from Sword Art Online game incident. and this is one of picture those romantic scenes after they got married in the game.

This cute Asuna Yuki Cosplay Picture is a scene when they moved to a house in the country side and walk around the edge of the lake, in this Asuna Yuki Cosplay Picture Usagiyakuro looks as pretty and cheerful real Asuna Yuki in Sword Art Online Anime. and about Kirito umm ... sorry I don't know cosplayer ^^" I really love how they really looks like they're dating.

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