Cute Nami Cosplay by Hiko

Namiii Swaaannnnn~ ~  I'm sure Sanji will bleed to death if he saw this Cute Nami Cosplay pictures by Hiko, Hiko not only looks very cute but also quite sexy as Nami, I think she was in a cosplay event (but I'm too lazy to to find out where and when ^^" gomene minna), natural orange hair looks very sexy and fit with Hiko, and how hot Hiko on this Cute Nami Cosplay photo, she's got 8 out of 10 from me: D, Hiko had a lot of Nami Cosplay on her WorldCosplay and facebook page and these are some poses that I think is the cutest, enjoy it.

Princess Vivi was also seen with Nami on this cosplay photo by Hiko, I wondered how they could meet, she should be in New World and Vivi are in Alabasta!? well that's what I refer to as the "Cosplay Miracle" :D .

~ Luffy Spotted!~  Yo ~ Luffy where you going? do not make trouble..Got it!! 
you can see the rest of the Cute Nami Cosplay photo by Hiko on her worldcosplay and facbook fanpage.

Hiko's WorldCosplay page :

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