Pink Sweet Saya Cosplay : The Idolm@ster

Its rarely to see Saya Cosplay wearing a pink dominant color cosplay costume like on this Saya Cosplay photo, since i'm not a fans of The Idolm@ster i really got confused with this character name, i really don't Saya cosplaying as who, but if i see her hair style and color i think Saya Cosplay as Chihaya Kisaragi character from The Idolm@ster (not sure tought), Previous Saya Cosplay photo

Pink Sweet Saya Cosplay : The Idolm@ster Gallery

Well i don't really care about what character is this, the most important is Saya look so sweet with that pink color costume with a white fur, beside that she got sweet smile and expression as always ^^, how fits saya as Chihaya Kisaragi? well i don't know :D never trying to compare this Saya Cosplay photo with Chihaya Kisaragi picture, but im sure she did better version of Chihaya Kisaragi, there is many sweet cosplayer too whos cosplaying as The Idolm@ster character (i don't know their name ^^") but its Pink Sweet Paradise, well got this Saya Cosplay photo from cosrain, its really sweet Saya Cosplay.

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