One Piece Cosplay : Tony Tony Chopper

Just read lates chaper of One Piece manga this morning, and i just wondering hows smoker and Trafalgar law can alive without their heart XD thats was remind me to Devi Jones the flying dutchman's captain, well lets forget about that topic, this time i got another One Piece Cosplay of Chopper, the cosplayer behind this One Piece Cosplay photo is Emma (i think this is my first time i post her cosplay photo) girls cosplayer always manage to make chopper look cute in other ways ^^.

One Piece Cosplay : Tony Tony Chopper Gallery

I remmember i have post One Piece Cosplay photo of Tony Tony Chopper by indonesion Cosplayer, her name is Nandamegumi (you can find her One Piece Cosplay photo here), she really look cute with Chopper costume in there, bit different with Nanda, on this One Piece Cosplay photo she look more taller than chopper and she got nice blue makeup on her nose ^^, and i love the way she hidding behind nami on the third cosplay picture XD (thats real chopper), well i got this One Piece Cosplay photo from Emma's worldCosplay page. 

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