K-On Cosplay Photo by Misa

I got another K-On Cosplay by Misa, wanna see her previous K-On Cosplay you can go on this Link, i think this is same Cosplay photo as her previous K-On Cosplay photo but this time we can see all member of Light Music club, (at the first picture, Left to Right) Tsumugi Kotobuki (Korg Triton), Mio Akiyama (Bass), Ritsu Tainaka (drumer), Yui Hirasawa (the main character of K-On!) and the rhythm guitarist Azusa Nakano, well thats it :D, and Misa is the cosplayer behind the Yui Hirasawa Cosplay, when i saw this K-On Cosplay photo its was like i saw a GirlsGeneration poster XD they use same style clotes and they got almost same pose, beside that they also looks sweet on this K-On Cosplay photo.

K-On Cosplay Photo by Misa Gallery

Well they all did great on this K-On Cosplay Photo, they look very fits as the character they cosing, although i think Mugi and Mio look more mature here ^^ (thats not a big matter) since they have made very pretty K-On Cosplay Photo here, one thing i love from this K-On Cosplay photo is they look very enjoying their day together relaxed, go swimming together, go to school together, and eat together (they are best friend for real XD) its suck >.< i dont know most of the cosplayer name on this K-On Cosplay photo, all i know is Misa Cosplaying as Yui Hirasawa, so sorry for not including all cosplayer name of this K-On Cosplay photo here, well its really cool if someone can give me information about all cosplayer behind this  K-On Cosplay photo, well i got this cosplay photo from Misa's WorldCosplay page. 

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