Air Gear Cosplay : Akito Wanijima

You ever see people with double personality in real? i never meet people like that, but its would be nice if i know someone with Double personality like Akito/agito from Air Gear Anime, Akito is the weak and cute version of Agito Wanijima (i think Akito is a girl), on this Air Gear Cosplay Photo we can see Agito Wanijima on the first two picture, look at those two picture, we can see the evil smile from agito wanijima XD

Air Gear Cosplay : Akito Wanijima Gallery

Do not lie i really like his expression on this Air Gear Cosplay photo, when I looked into his eyes, as if he was saying, "I will kill you nub!" xD, but after that two first Air Gear Cosplay picture, on the third photo she has changed, i think Caruto forgot to switch his eyepatch (right eye = agito, left = akito, right?), well whatever, on the third Air Gear Cosplay he's already changed into sweet girls with a sweet smile and warm eyes ^^" (she look cute is she? i mean he) i really love the personality transformation on this Air Gear Cosplay Photo, yea the cosplayer behind this Air Gear Cosplay photo Caruto, and he's a boy, well i got this Air Gear Anime cosplay from Caruto's worldCosplay page.

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