One Piece Cosplay : Mugiwara Luffy

Miguwara Luffy is the main protagonist character from One Piece Anime series, he is very strong though he just Paramecia Devil Fruit user (paramecia devil fruit is the weakest type of Devil Fruit), there is not much coser who can looks fits as Luffy character but there is several coser who i think has did great on One Piece Cosplay as Luffy Character, but this time its different because the coser name is Deicn911 (the Luffy's Coser is a sweet girl).

One Piece Cosplay : Mugiwara Luffy Gallery

This is several time i post One Piece Cosplay photo by Deicn911, she always did great on her cosplay photo and so far my favorites cosplay photo is her Ace cosplay (female version) she really looks fits as Ace though she got big breast and wearing a bra ^^", and this time she cosing as Mugiwara Luffy from Strong world version, well i cant said she looks fits as Luffy but she did great on this One Piece Cosplay photo, though shes still too cute as Luffy character but i love her pose, expression and her cosplay costume, this cosplay photo seem alive with story behind it, they look cool on the first cosplay photo, and she looks funny on the scond cosplay photo, and on the 4th and 5th pictures her body look like a real Luffy's body, just bit wondering how she hide her breast xD (i think thats was not photoshop work) Sanji and zoro look great too here but i dont know whos their name, well i got this One Piece Cosplay photo from Deicn911's DeviantArt page.

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