One Piece Cosplay : Boa Hancok by Ki

I just found this One Piece Cosplay photo by Ki this morning, actually I was really confused when I saw this picture, does she look beautiful and fit as Hancock or not, when i saw this One Piece Cosplay photo at a glance i think she looks beautifull and seem fits enough as Boa Hancock but when i see this closely its become messed up, actually shes pretty but i think her makeup ruin everything here, I do not mean to judge but I think her makeup looks really excessive especially in the eyes part, but she really did great on the first cosplay photo she really look like a doll ^^.

One Piece Cosplay : Boa Hancock by Ki Gallery

Well one thing i love from this One Piece Cosplay by Ki and made me wanna post her cosplay photo on this blog is, at the first One Piece Cosplay photo looks like the scene in the anime, when a big war in marineport when Luffy and Whitebeard trying to save Portgas D. Ace from his execution, i still remmember Boa Hancock trying to save Luffy from Bathmelo Fuma (i mean Pacifistas) in that war, well i got this One Piece Cosplay by Ki from her WorldCosplay page, so if you wanna see more of her cosplay photo just go check there ^^.

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