Neneko Cosplay Photo : Yuri Nakamura

I got another Neneko Cosplay photo, and this time she cosplaying as The main female protagonist character from Angel Beats anime series, Yuri Nakamura, well i kinda love this anime (especially for story telling) its good anime, and i love the soundtrack of this anime "Thousend Enemies" thats really good (i love the bass version by Japanese girl), I was planing to post Duo cute ~kawaii girls today Neneko and Misa, they both has cute face that made them will looks fits as kawaii type characters, actually Neneko not fits with Yuri character which i've ever imagine, because in this Neneko Cosplay Photo she has made too cute Yuri Nakamura.

Neneko Cosplay Photo : Yuri Nakamura Gallery

I got this Neneko Cosplay photo as Yuri Nakamura from her facebook page, though i said she not fits as Yuri Nakamura (thats just her face characteristic) but her body posture seem perfectly fits as Yuri Nakamura, i love her pose on this cosplay photo, with her pose and that uniform that made Neneko looks like a real Yuri Nakamura, beside that the dark shade and broken glass on the 7th photo on this Neneko Cosplay really looks cool, I'm very sleepy now, so pardon me if my words a ridiculous, I can't sleep after playing Blade & Soul all night, I'm looking forward to the Open Beta of Guild Wars 2. well I love this Neneko Cosplay, oh yea, her hair color seems different too.

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