League of Legends Cosplay : Katarina

This is another League of Legends Cosplay photo from Unknown coser (i hate when i found good cosplay photo but no information about whos the cosplayer is =.="), well thats always happens when I found it in random place/site, and since i dont know whos the cosplayer is I'm always happy to receiving information from anyone know something about this League of Legends Cosplay photo, i dont know why but lately i really got draged into League of Legends Cosplay world, i found so many great LoL cosplay photo from many great coser, so start from now ahead i think i gonna post more and more league of Legends Cosplay photo :D.

League of Legends Cosplay : Katarina Gallery

Nothing much i really wanna say about this League of Legends Cosplay by Unknown Coser, i just wanna say she did great on this LoL Cosplay photo, she got fiercing eyes and fits face as Katarina the sinister of blade "her ruthless mastery of the knife and dagger combined with her ~sadistic temperament~ to earn her the title Sinister Blade" thats Katarina background from what i read, fierce looks but still pretty ^^ i watch her video too and she has beautiful move, beside that her body posture seems similar with katarina body (girls abs is magic xD), and then i love her tatto on her belly thats made her even more hawter, one thing i dont really like from this League of Legends Cosplay photo, that is her plate armor and her dagger thats dagger seems nice but i think thats need more shining stuff so that will look more like a real steel, gosh...i talk too much xD (i said noting much i wanna say about this cosplay photo Lmao), well i got this League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Unknown cosplayer from ACGArt, so feel free to leave comment and give me imformation about whos the coser name is ^^. 

Update : The Coser Name is Rouge Monkey (im sure that was not her real name xD) thats what google translate said :D.

Thanks to Philidia for the information =)

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