Fairy Tail Cosplay : Lucy Hearthfillia by Chuby

Chuby...i love her name :D that name really fits with Chuby's face, well i think thats not her real name, i dont know why but i really want to post this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo by Chuby, i guess this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo was taken by phone cam or something like that, or maybe a cutted from webcam o.o", whatever, This cosplay photo has bad quality (except the last two pictures) i trying to make it bigger but instead look worse, on this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo Chuby has made my Lucy on my imagine come to real, she got cute face and look fit with that blonde hair, though i think Lucy look more mature than in this picture.

Fairy Tail Cosplay : Lucy hearthfillia by Chuby  Gallery

Well i got this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo of Lucy by Chuby from her WorldCosplay page, i was looking for another cosplay photo but caught up on this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo ^^, i wish i can find better version of this Lucy cosplay photo, till know is till following this anime last time i read newest chapter fairy tail, wendy fight with enemy who got same magic type as her, I want to see her win the fight but I think she's easily defeated, well though this Fairy Tail Cosplay photo got bad quality but that enough to show how cute that Lucy cosplay by Chuby, i think the two last picture was taken in some cosplay event, because I do not know all their names so sorry for not including their name here :D, well its sweet Fairy Tail Cosplay photo by Chuby.

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