Death Note photo : Misa Amane

Misa Cosplaying as Misa Amane i think her name seems perfectly fits as this Death Note anime character ^^, not just her name which similar but also her face characteristic and body posture, so i can said Misa seems perfectly fits as Misa Amane on this Death Note Cosplay, Misa Amane or also called Misa-Misa by her fans on anime, she is the main female character on Death Note Anime, but i dont know i sould call her as antagonist character or no since she's just a plain girl that used by Kira to reach his goal, but actually i think on this Death Note Cosplay photo Misa has too cute and innocent looks that little different with Misa Amane personality.

Death Note Cosplay Photo : Misa Amane Gallery

Beside that i can't see the gothic makeup here, i think Misa need more black eyelines and other gothic stuff to make her looks more like a real Misa Amane, about her Misa costume i think she did great on it, that Misa  costume has been made close enough with a real Misa cloth on the anime especailly i love her hair, thats hair seems so natural and looks like a real hair (not a wig) wait is that real Misa's hair? i think no, another thing i love from this Death Note Cosplay photo is the photography aspect, the dark shade on this cosplay photo can represent the dark side of Misa Amane behind her cute appearance, i love this Death Note Cosplay photo and i got this Death Note Cosplay photo from Misa's WorldCosplay page. 

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