One Piece Cosplay Photo by BaDianDian

One Piece Cosplay by Photo BaDianDian cosplayer, I already post her One Piece cosplay photo before as Perona, caimie and Shirahoshi hime, but i write her name as Badandan, i think Ba Dian Dian is her real name (Dian name remind me with beautiful girl in Dynasty warrior game ^^), in her One Piece cosplay before she cosplaying as Shirahoshi hime with the background set of the beach that was awesome One Piece cosplay photo beside the background (beach) can represent Shirahoshi as Mermaid princess, BaDianDian also very expressive and she pose and act like real shirahoshi (i think good point from badiandian is she always seems enjoying her cosplay ^^) as well with this One Piece Cosplay Photography, in this cosplay photo Badiandian take a set in Shirahoshi bedroom with fullfilled with Pink shade ^^, actually i dont remember what color that dominate Shirahoshi bedroom in the One Piece anime (and i dont really care with that XD) i just love to see this awesome One Piece Cosplay by Ba Dian Dian as Shirahoshi.

One Piece Cosplay Photo by BaDianDian Gallery

As always Ba Dian Dian always seem expressive on her cosplay photo, i think Ba Dian Dian still using same cosplay costume with her Shirahoshi cosplay before (that was nice shirahoshi cosplay costume, that seems close with shirahoshi costume in the One Piece Anime) and not just that, just like her another One Piece cosplay photo she also can made Shirahoshi character alive here, i love her expression on 5th One Piece cosplay photo, she looks so sad (and i bet she will cries soon :O) when i saw that photo i really want hugs Ba Dian Dian...umm..i mean shirahoshi XD, and say, its oke shirahoshi, i'll protect you with my live :O i wont lets someone hurt you, (Ba Dian Dian looks so cute with that sad expression ^^") well i love that, and i love this One Piece Cosplay photo by Ba Dian Dian, i hope i can see more her One Piece Cosplay Photo, i got this One Piece Cosplay Photo from her WordCosplay page, well this is sweet Shirahoshi cosplay photo by Ba Dian Dian.

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