Chinese Cosplay Photo by Sitiyoko

Chinese Cosplay Photo by Sitiyoko Cosplayer as the main character of the new chinese webbase game game tittled New Legend of Chu, Song Tian Er, New Legend of Chu is Chinese webgame and and when i trying to play that (this game made me crazy xD coz they use chinese letter lol) if i saw the video i think this is good game, i think not much i can write on this post since i dont know much about this game (i cant explain anything about this game) in this Chinese Cosplay photo the cosplayer name is Sitiyoko (i call this chinese cosplay photo because theme of this cosplay photo is fullfilled with chinese touch) i think i gonna try this game again later.

Chinese Cosplay Photo by Sitiyoko Gallery

This is my first time i post Cosplay Photo from Sitiyoko, Sitiyoko, a well-known coser, still model and host of comic events in China, is the official endorser of Baihua Faction in Dream Kunlun and the official static movie guest actress of Asura. She has hosted the Cosplay Competition at 12th World Cartoon Conference. Her pure and cute looks and big round eyes make her famous in anime and game fields with much popularity and praise from millions of people, that what people said about her xD, well i dont know much about her and this is my first time i saw her cosplay photo, in this Chinese Cosplay photo Sitiyoko looks very pretty with that chinese traditional dress, beside that the background set of this Chinese Cosplay photo can really show and represent whos the character is, and in this Chinese Cosplay Photo Sitiyoko looks very fits with Song Tian Er personality she looks more cheerful  and childish (she looks more mature and hawt in her another cosplay photo), well i got this Chinese Cosplay Photo from, its sweet Sitiyoko Cosplay photo.

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