Rikku Cosplay Photo by Aira

Rikku Cosplay Photo by Aira cosplayer, Aira has become one of my favorites cosplayer since i saw her cosplay photo at first time, she often did very nice cosplay photo and i already post many of her cosplay photo on this MyAnimeGirls Blog, well this time Aira Cosplaying as one of Protagonist character in Final Fantasy X and Final fantasy X-2 Series Rikku, Rikku's outfit changed from a casual outfit to a skimpier outfit from Final Fantasy X (by Tetsuya Nomira) to X-2 by Tetsu Tsukamoto, the alternate costume designer, ya in that both version Rikku has different outfit and appearance, personaly i like Rikku in Final Fantasy X that more simple costume but still can represent well Rikku personality.

Rikku Cosplay Photo by Aira Gallery

This is Another Aira Cosplay photo as one of Final Fantasy character, actually there is another cosplayer who cosplaying as Yuna the main protagonist girl in Final Fantasy X, but Unfortunately i dont know whos the cosplayer is (that lame Lol) the Yuna's Cosplayer seem different with Yuna which i ever imagine (i think that because she has different face characteristic) but she did well with that Yuna's Costume, that awesome, well And in this Rikku Cosplay Photo by Aira, Aira cosplaying as Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2, with Long gold haired and blue hairband, i love her hair that was look like a real hair and very natural, and another thing i like is her cosplay costume seem awesome with full detailed and complete accessories (i think she not miss anything on it ^^), beside that the background set (that look like a ruin, but i guess that was a backyard of old building XD), ligh contrast and soft shade, made this Rikku Cosplay Photo by Aira look more sweet, well i got this Final Fantasy Cosplay photo from Cosrain.com.

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