One Piece Cosplay by Abel Nightroad

One Piece Cosplay by Abel Nightroad cosplayer from Germany, Abel Nightroad is Germany Cosplayer and her real name is Reika (i like her name ^^) well in this cosplay photo she cosplaying as a weirdo character from One Piece Anime, The Okama King Emporio Ivankov (well i kinda scared when i hear his name XD) i think i got same Phobia with sanji ^^", beside his weired appearance but he also has a great power who made him become a commander of the Revolutionary Army, was formerly a prisoner of Impel Down kept in Level 5, living in a secret "Okama Paradise" in the level 5.5, In One Piece anime Imporio Ivankov has abbility to manipulate someone hormone and can made people completely change their gender (it's awesome and frightening XD), but has since returned to his post as Queen of Kamabakka Kingdom. He challenged Sanji to defeat his 99 masters of Newkama Kenpo for the secret of the "attack cuisine" and a boat, during the two year timeskip .

One Piece Cosplay Nami by Abel Nightroad Gallery

well actually its been several time i post Ivankov cosplay here, and this time i got One Piece Cosplay by Reika as Ivankov too, well i can said this One Piece Cosplay photography is one of the best One Piece cosplay ever, i mean beside they was dress well with Okama costume they also can act like their real pesonality in One Piece anime, i remmember what Alodia Gosiengfiao said "cosplay is not just about dress up", i think shes completely right, to make the character alive the cosplayer must can act like the character and know well the character characteristic and their habbit, well i love this One Piece Cosplayer :D, beside Emporio Ivankov there is also Buggy, Mr.3 (gal dino), Mr.2 Bon Clay and Buggie, i guess in this One Piece Cosplay they was trying to escape from impel down prison xD (hey guys becarefull dont make any noise lol XD), well unfortunately i dont know their name :/ i hope i know every cosplayer name on this One Piece Cosplay photo, well i got this One Piece from Abel Nightroad's WorldCosplay page, I love this One Piece Cosplay!

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