Miyuko Cosplay as Trixie Codename Cynical

Miyuko Cosplay as Trixie Codename Cynical from Cyphers Online game, i love this game though i never play that XD, i mean when i watch the gameplay (especially when i watch Trixie and Hotaru trailer) i know this game is awesome, and in this Cosplay Photography Miyuko cosplaying as one of the new character on Cypher online Trixie, If you have been keeping up with Cyphers Online, then you should know that they love releasing two characters at once. Trixie Codename: Cynical is a duel dagger wielding character that is lightning fast and packs a lot of power in her attacks. She can also blink strike around the map, Cyphers is an upcoming 5vs5 Team Action game which is similar to games like DoTa, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth,etc. One exception is the game takes place in third person view. Some other things that make Cyphers different are the fast paced gameplay, crazy team fights, a unique combo system, and it's own exclusive leveling up system via item purchase (Steparu Review).

Miyuko Cosplay as Trixie Codename Cynical Gallery

Well this is Another Miyuko Cosplay Photography as Trixie, ya i already post her Trixie cosplay photo before which you can find that here in that cosplay photography Miyuko invited by Cyphers publisher to cosplay as their new character on Cyphers online Hotaru and Trixie (in that cosplay photography Miyuko Cosplay as Trixie and Tasha as Hotaru), and in this Miyuko cosplay photography we'll keep focused on Miyuko Cosplay photo :D, i love this Trixie Cosplay photo so much i feel like Miyuko is perfect as Trixie i mean when you compare this Miyuko cosplay as Trixie with trixie picture they look very similar (i can said Miyuko is live version of Trixie XD), Miyuko has fit face characteristic with Trixie character beside that on this Miyuko cosplay photo Miyuko has great Cosplay costume with very high detailed on it (was made with right material), I love her laser sword though that not a real laser sword :P, i love her hair too :D (well i love everything about Miyuko XD), i got this Trixie cosplay photography by Miyuko from www.tumblr.com/tagged/Miyuko, awesome Miyuko cosplay as always :D.

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