One Piece Cosplay as Princess Vivi

One Piece Cosplay as Princess Vivi character by Cherub Jibril, Vivi is Arabasta princess and she trying to save her kingdom by join the Baroque works, and she meet with Strawhat pirates and become friend with them, uhh well i think arabasta taken from Arabian name (i think eichiro oda has inspired by that name) but if at arabian has Camel as their transportation in this anime they use a huge bird as their transportation, in this One Piece Anime Vivi has a very cute bird ("cute" ^^") named carue, carue is smart bird and always go with vivi, Vivi has a ram as her weapon and if im not wrong she take her weapon from her breast XD, vivi has blue long hair and she wearing dance outfit when she back to arabasta with luffy and friend.

One Piece Cosplay as Princes vivi Gallery

another stunning Vivi cosplay photo, i love this One Piece Cosplay as Princess Vivi especially i love her cosplay costume, that seem complex and will take many time to made that, that was made with high detailed and that look pluffy at some part, i dont remember Vivi ever wearing that cloth in the anime, the cosplayer name is Cherub Jibril and im sure this is my first time i post about her cosplay photo, i dont think she look perfectly fit as Vivi but she seem fit enough as her, one thing who made her not fit well with vivi is i always imagine vivi has arabian face XD, and in this One Piece Cosplay as Princess Vivi, Cherub Jibril has western face :D, umm well overall Cherub Jibril has did great cosplay photo here, and i love the background on this photo and ofc i love her smile too XD, i forgot where i got this cosplay photo, sorry for not including original site of this cosplay photo, but i think i got this One Piece Cosplay as Princess Vivi from Cherub Jibril deviantart page, sweet vivi cosplay by Cherub Jibril.

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