Interview with Eki Holic (Korean)

Eki Holic. is a highly popular Korean Cosplayer with an extensive Cosplay gallery to show. She was also the special guest for Cosfest X.2 along with the Korean Champions of Asia Cosplay Meet.

On the last day of Cosfest X.2, I was given the great opportunity to have an up-close and personal interview with Ekiholic herself. Major thanks to Stephanie from the Singapore Cosplay Club for granting the interview and for organising yet another awesome event.

As it was a last minute arrangement (I begged =x ), I wasn’t very well prepared and it ended up being the funniest interview I’ve ever had!

In the short 15 minutes we had, Ekiholic who was dressed as Jolyne Kujo from ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures’ proved to be a shy and down-to-earth person that was easy to like. Though we had major language barrier, I was really appreciative of her efforts to google my questions and answering them to her best. Without further ado, her interview video below.

It took me really long to edit the video because it was so different from the usual interviews I’ve had. Nevertheless, I chose to retain most of the footage because it showed a really cute and ‘real’ Ekiholic. I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Check out the photographs taken by Garion below.


Ekiholic also kick started the Cure Cosplay Fashion Show along with the 3 Korean ACM champions. They were cosplaying as characters from One Piece. Here's a video coverage of their opening act by RazorTV .

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