Fairy Tail Cosplay - Natsu, Lucy and Gramps

Fairy Tail Cosplay - Natsu, Lucy and Gramps Character by Hanabi83, ya this is Natsu - Lucy Heartfilia and the guild leader of Fairy Tail Makarov, Fairy Tail is a great japanese manga and has been adapted into anime, i read manga and watch anime version too though there is not so much deference in the story between that version, but manga is much future in update, but i sugest you to watch Fairy Tail anime because i think anime version is more fun to follow and ofcourse you can see nice battle scene in live animation (especially i love the animation effect when they cast a magic skill :D) Natsu is the main character in Fairy Tail she is a dragon slayer who has acient magic from Fire Dragon - Dragnell, and Lucy one of cute girls in series, she is celestial magician, she made contract with spirite and can summon them into battle by using a key to assist her, though i think all her sipirites is troublesome ^^", etc. when Lucy summon Aquarius to help her, she will attack everyone including Lucy itself lol.

Fairy Tail Cosplay Gallery

Natsu..!! that not happy!! lol

Well yesterday I found great and cute Fairy Tail Cosplay Photo, i was post many fairy tail cosplay photo before but this is my first time i post Fairy Tail character from the past scene :D, yea i got Natsu and Lucy when they was a child ^^ they look very cute ( want hug them lol but maybe Natsu will punch me with fire), In this Fairy Tail Cosplay - Natsu, Lucy and Gramps, Natsu has a fit face and expression as real Natsu though hes not japanese (i always imagine Natsu has japanese face) and that Lucy Cosplay XD Omg! shes so cute, since Lucy has Blonde hair i guess Lucy is from west and not asian :D though in this Fairy Tail cosplay Lucy has dark hair but She look good on it, beside that uhhh well i think that Makarov is their real gramps ^^" salut to him, he still did cosplay in his age :D (he look fit as Gramps Makarov), well this Fairy Tail Cosplay - Natsu, Lucy and Gramps by Hanabi83, and i got this Fairy Tail Cosplay from his DevianArt Page, visit there to see his another Cosplay photo.

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