Erio Towa Cosplay Photo by Miiko

Erio Towa Cosplay Photo by Miiko Cosplayer, Erio Towa is the main female protagonist character on the Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, if you not familiar with this tittle Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko is a japanese light novel series written by Hitoma Iruma, with illustrations by Buruki, and this Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko has been adapted to the 12-Episode anime which began airing in japan in april 2011, i dont watch this anime or read this light novel but i think its good anime since i saw many good comment on some anime site, and here, in this cosplay photo the cosplay is one of my favorites cosplayer Miiko, she cosplaying as main female character Erio Towa, i wondering why she love roll her body on a bed xD, that cute but also weird habbit :D, well erio towa is a first year high school studen and she mysteriously disappeared for six months, at the same time she began having an extreme fascination with alien, and...umm you can watch this anime for complete story :D, which i love from this character is She love eating Pizza xD she has same favorite food with me.

Erio Towa Cosplay Photo by Miiko Gallery  

Miiko Cosplay photo as Erio Towa, i already post of Erio Cosplay photo before by Asae Ayato that was nice and sweet Erio Towa, and another one is by Chii they all really has did great cosplay photo and seem fit enough as Erio Towa, i mean they has cute face and cute body posture that was made them seem fit as Erio Towa, but this Time the cosplayer is Miiko, you know i mean Miiko will not fit as Erio Towa which i ever imagine but Miiko has been made Erio Towa in hawt version XD, in this Erio Towa Cosplay Photo by Miiko, Miiko has completely change Erio Towa image from cute girl in to dream hot girl and ofcourse Erio Towa still seem cute but more mature here, i love this Erio Towa Cosplay Photo by Miiko because she really did great on photography aspect, but when hear Erio Towa become Alien experiment object and saw this Erio Towa Cosplay Photo by Miiko that made me wanna become one of those allien xD, uh well i got this Miiko Cosplay from, sweet Erio Towa Cosplay by Miiko.

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