One Piece Cosplay by Tasha as Hebihime

One Piece Cosplay by Tasha as Hebihime character from the series, Hebihime can be mean Snakequeen (oh well not sure XD actually i dont know japanese language), HebiHime is another name of Boa Hancock, Boa Hancock is the leader of Kuja Pirates and one of the strongest pirates who has leader as Shichibukai member, when Boa Hancock was a child she was pushed to eat devil fruit, she eat Mero Mero devil fruit which made her abillity to make people who charmed by her into the stone, almost like what Medusa abillity i think Eichiro oda has inspired by medusa, but ofcourse medusa and boa hancock has very very different appearance, i always imagine Medusa has ugly face with worsh hair, and Boa Hancock was extra ordinary beautifull who can made every single man fall in love with her (excape Luffy, i remmember when Luffy come to her rome and see Boa Hancock naked xD) Luffy has no expression when see her naked.

One Piece Cosplay by Tasha as Hebihime Gallery

Another Tasha Cosplay as Pirates Queen from One Piece Anime Boa Hancock, i already post some of tasha cosplay photo as Boa hancock before that was sweetie great One Piece cosplay photo, and this time Tasha seem wearing different Boa Hancock costume, Tasha wearing chinese traditional dress (im not sure what that dress name, ummm if im not wrong, that dress name is Cheongsam) i always love too see sweet girl wearing that cheongsam (choengsam always fit body) that made them look more elegan but still hot ^^, i remmemer Boa Hancoc wearing this cheonsam when she try to help luffy in Marine ford when luffy trying to save ace, Tasha Look very sweet with that Boa Hancock in this One Piece Cosplay by Tasha as Hebihime and that fan has made her look more awesome and chinese look, she did great on her cosplay costume that was really close to the Boa Hancock Cheonsam in the One Piece anime, And once again "Tasha Mero Mero" has made me frozen like a stone XD i fall in love again with her, i love her hair in this One Piece Cosplay by Tasha as Hebihime that was very fit with tasha, i got this One Piece Cosplay by Tasha as Hebihime from, visit there to see another cosplay photo.

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