Bleach Cosplay by Saya Cosplayer

Bleach Cosplay by Saya Cosplayer as Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach is japanese anime and this anime has become one of my favorites Anime though its been long time im not follow this Bleach anime anymore, this anime has story about relation between human world with shinigami world, this Bleach story begin when Rukia Kuchiki (one of the female main character on the series) come to the human world to kill a hollow who attack Ichigo and his familly, Rukia got bad injured when trying to fight that hollow, and the only way she can kill that monster is she must give her Shinigami power to Ichigo kurosaki, start from that moment Ichigo got Shinigami power and he has become subtitute shinigami who has same duty to kill hollow in human world, (actually Ichigo father is Shinigami captain in the past) beside shinigami power Ichigo also has hidden hollow power in her inside body and later he can control that power.

Bleach Cosplay by Saya Cosplayer Gallery

When the first time i saw this Saya Cosplay, i just wanna said, How come Ichigo can be so cute and sweet like this XD, ya the Saya cosplaying as Main Male character on the Bleach Anime series, she cosplaying as Ichigo Kurosaki :o, well....i will not say saya seem fit enough as Ichigo, there is tons off differences between real ichigo in the anime with this Bleach Cosplay by Saya Cosplayer, no way Ichigo look so sweet like this XD, i wondering how Saya will look like if she transform into Hollow (i think her hollow will still look sweet ^^), in this Bleach Cosplay by Saya Cosplayer saya cosplaying as Ichigo Kurosaki when ichigo in bankai form, and i dont really like Saya's wig, that seem very unatural and too shining xD, well i got this Bleach Cosplay by Saya Cosplayer from, its was very cute ichigo kurosaki, i dont mean i Ichigo become my gf if she cute like this (i mean when saya = ichigo :D) i love this cosplay though saya not fit enough with Ichigo kurosaki.

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