Tomia Cosplay as Elise Lutas

Tomia Cosplay as Elise Lutas Tales Of Xillia game, Tales of Xillia known as well with Teiruzu obu Ekushiria, this game has been made for played in PlayStation 3, characteristic genre name is RPG of Unwavering Convictions, this game has released in japan on September 8, 2011, in this game Player Characters can freely chain regular attacks and TP-consuming Artes together through the use of Assault Counter (AC) points, in this cosplay Photo Tomia Cosplaying as Elise Lutas, she has Age: 12; Height: 145cm, and she has A master of spirit summoning artes despite her young age, Elisa Lutus can be very shy characteristric when she enggages in conversations, this game has nice gameplay though many game has gameplay like this before, this game has good story telling which made player can enjoy the story of this game.

Tomia Cosplay as Elise Lutas Gallery

It been long time im not post the cosplay photo from Duo Korean cosplayer Tasha and Tomia, especially for Tomia, Tomia has Cuter body then tasha and they both always fit with every character their cosing, as well with this Tomia Cosplay as Elise Lutas Tomia seem fit well as Elise Lutas, with her cute face and body posture has been bade this Tomia Cosplay as Elise Lutas seem awesome, i like her hair which seem natural, i love the detail from her Elise lutas Cosplay costume, and i love the setting of this cosplay photo was taken, everything can describe whos elise is, as always big windows background always work to give classical touch, i took this Tomia Cosplay as Elise Lutas from, visit there to see another cosplay photo. sweet cosplay.

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