Kipi Cosplay as Sakine Meiko

Kipi Cosplay as Sakine Meiko from Vocaloid, another cosplay photo from one of my favorite cosplayer, this time Kipi Cosing as Sakine Mieko one character from old vocaloid (i mean Vocaloid), Vocaloid is  virtual singer with using digital technology to create unique and nice song, in this Vocaloid character name is Sakine Meiko also known as Sakine Meiko, she is an officially recognized derivative of Meiko, she is 16 old age with 163 cm like another Vocaloid character she has cute appearance with short haired, Meiko in particular did not have the young sounding voice of the released Vocaloid 2.

Kipi Cosplay as Sakine Meiko Gallery

In this Kipi Cosplay as Sakine Meiko kipi seem fit enough as Sakine Meiko, she has cute face and i think Kipi no need a wig to create Sakine Meiko hair, Kipi always did nice cosplay photo even without add any photo effect, as well with this Kipi Cosplay as Sakine Meiko i think Kipi not pay attention to the background of cosplay photo, that just look like her ^^, the cosplay costume of this cosplay photo i think that was bit different with costume who wearing by Sakine Mieko in Vocaloid, i think whic made differences is the material which used in this cosplay costume not look same with the Sakine Meiko in vocaloid, beside that the cosplay costume seem to brigh and bit different with Sakine costume color, but overall i always like too see Kipi cosplay photo ^^, i took this Kipi Cosplay as Sakine Meiko from, visit there to see the rest of cosplay photo.

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