Hayase Ami Cosplay as Deuce

Hayase Ami Cosplay as Deuce from Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy Type-0 is a video game published by Square Enix for Play Station Portable, different with Final Fantasy game Final Fantasy Type-0 will have fourteen selectable characters, who are all members of Class Zero that are based from the Suzaku Peristylium, this Final Fantasy Type-0 take a setting within a place called oriens, in this game Each nation has its own emblem (a phoenix, two tigers, a dragon, and a turtle, based on the Four Symbols), in this cosplay photo Hayase Ami cosplay as one of the main character Deuce, she is Flute user and she has Attributed the number 02 in class zero, Deuce is cute young girl with sort dark brown haircut like all class zero members, she always wearing uniform with consist of the black jacket with red skirt and red cape, which i love from this character (beside shes cute) is her personallty and totality on her jon, Deuce is very loyal to her duties in Class Zero.

Hayase Ami Cosplay as Deuce Gallery

I think i ofter post of Hayase Ami cosplay lately, and now i took another Hayase Ami Cosplay, i got this from Mon0r.com xD, so please visit the original link or website to see another Hayase Ami Cosplay photo (though i dont really know whos the original owner of this cosplay photo), Hayase Ami has bit different face characteristric with Deuce, i though deuce should have more inonsense face, and beside that Hayase Ami has different haircut with Deuce...wait is this deuce cosplay or another character? but the cosplay costume seem like deuce uniform in the game, or maybe Deuce has different haircut in the game, Hayase Ami has did great cosplay photo in this Hayase Ami Cosplay as Deuce, which i love is the cosplay costume has been made well and seem very close to the Deuce uniform in the game, though i think that was made with different material from her real uniform, its was nice Hayase Ami Cosplay as Deuce, once again i said please visit the original site when u had a time xD.

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