Vindictus Cosplay evie by Chuwei

Vindictus Cosplay Evie by Chuwei, another cool Vindictus Cosplay photo, Evie is one of the most popular character in the vindictus Hack and slash game (Mabinogi Heroes in Korean Version) Evie has Very korean posture, face, and style. evie is magician class in the game (support tipe character), but she can be battle class too when she wearing Bettle Scythe as weapon, (i use Bettle Scythe too, that was great, Wide range attack, deal great damage), evie can use alchemy skill to create something like Golem, fire golem to support her in battle, i always thing evie look like Death Angle when she held Battle Scythe...I love evie fighting style, we cant just attack stright in  battle like another character.

Vindictus Cosplay evie by Chuwei Photo Gallery

Vindictus Cosplay evie by Chuwei, yea the cosplayer name in Chuwei, she made this Vindictus Cosplay evie by Chuwei when she participating in Nexon’s First Annual Costume Contest, but she didn't win :(, but i think she was did great with that Sweetie bear armor Set, the Sweetie bear has been made well with very detailed even for the pluffy part in glove, boots and collar, that seem pretty close to the real sweetie bear ^^. well i love this Vindictus Cosplay evie by Chuwei, i got this cosplay photo from her web page, u can go there in this link

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