Ryomou Shimei Cosplay by Iori

Ryomou Shimei Cosplay by Iori from Ikki Toushen (battle Vixens), Ryomou Shimei is one of the big four in her academy, she is a third-year student at Nanyo Academy, She has a habit of wearing a blue miniskirted French maid outfit (she's odd girl xD i think) she always wearing white left-eye patch in that way she remind me of Agito eye patch (who has double personality), is always seen wearing fingerless gloves and combat boots. Powerful and a B-rank, she is also one of Nanyo's Big Four, Ryomou fought Ryubi when her dragon had awakened, and saved her life right before Ryubi attempted to rip her own heart out.

Ryoumou Shinmei Cosplay by Iori Photo Gallery

This Ryomou Shimei Cosplay by Iori look great and the cosplayer Iori seem really fit as Ryomou Shimei, Iori has cute face and right body posture as Ryomou Shimei, I love her cosplay costume too, the cosplay costume has been made great wiht full hight detailed, i think that cosplay costume has look like the lolita gothic with black and white color on that, though that was different with the French maid outfit, i think this costume far better from the maid costume ^^, the wig and the hairband has mixed well in the black and blue color, and the dark shade in the Ryomou Shimei Cosplay by Iori can represent of the mysterious Ryomou Shimei background in the past, i got this great Ryomou Shimei Cosplay by Iori from cosrain.com, visit there to see another cool cosplay photo ^^

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