Chii Cosplay as Tomoe Mami

Chii Cosplay as Tomoe Mami from the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica anime, i dont really know this anime, i can said, i was not watching this anime yet, thats way i dont really explain what the story of this anime, Mami Tomoe is a magical girl who appears to Madoka and Sayaka as they are attacked by a Witch in episode 1, Mami’s design was definitely centered around her image as a gunner. The second thing that stands out are her breasts. and the bustier and boots give her a Western flavor which her cap accentuates (even i think she remind me to Ragnarok Npc Character ^^").

Chii Cosplay as Tomoe Mami Photo Gallery

The cosplayer name is Chii, it been several time i,ve post of her cosplay photo, when i compare chii cosplay with the real pic of Tomoe Mami, i think Chii look fit enough cosplaying as Tomoe, chii has a cute face, and i really love her wig, that was nice and look like the real tomoe mami, the cosplay costume has been made well too, the high boot and the corset really made western flavor really come up here, well i got this Chii Cosplay as Tomoe Mami from, great Cosplay.

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