Midori kanda with her candy and couch

Midori Kanda in her everydays stuff, Midori kanda not wearing any cosplay costume in this photo, She just wearing her short dress (i do not know the name of That dress). Midori look like She is enjoying her free time to relax on the couch and eat some snacks, in some photo her dress strap fell,  it made ​​she look very relaxed to disregard her dress strap fell ^^" (she look sweet in that pose :D).

Midori Kanda Everydays Gallery

I'm intrigued by some pictures when Midori kanada playing with red stuff in her mouth , i still wonder what she was eating, at first i think she eating cherry but I noticed he was seen eating red jelly, but it also looks like candy too (ok actually it does not really matter, I just do not know what to write ^^"), ​​well i got this photo from cosrain.com

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