Komoritakumi Cosplay as Miki Hoshii from idolm@ster 2

Komuritakumi cosplay as Miki from idolmaster 2, i think this is my first time i post cosplay photo from komoritakumi, or maybe not ^^", im not sure, well whos care about that, i just wanna said, komoritakumi has did well with her Miki hoshii cosplay, she has cute face and she look more cuter with pink shade dress, for the cosplay costume, we can see the cosplay costume has been made well too, and look more detailed with lace and fluffy stuff in some costume part, she look sweet too in highschool uniform ^^. and she has nice haircut too, i got this Komuritakumi cosplay photo from cosrain.com.

Komoritakumi Cosplay as Miki Hoshii Gallery

The Idolmaster 2 (アイドルマスター ツー Aidorumasutā Tsū ?, officially romanized as THE iDOLM@STER 2) is an console raising simulation game released exclusively in Japan by Namco Bandai Games on February 24, 2011.[1] The game is a sequel to The Idolmaster, and follows the career of a producer who works for the fictional integrated 765 Production and 961 Production idol agencies and has to work with a selection of thirteen pop idols. 

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