Are you a Costumer or a Player?

I’ve always thought of myself as a “Player”. Someone who’s seriously fooling around, like seriously! Hahahaa. I mean, I’ve always been very serious about the hobby and every costume is given as much attention and respect as I could give it. But at the same time, I've always been doing Cosplay for the sake of fun and simply because I can.
Recently, I discovered a different aspect of my interest. A deeper, hidden side of my passion.Well, not exactly hidden nor deep but it was always something I wasn’t upfront about.
I realise my intense love for Cosplay rooted from my urge to be special, to be powerful, to be well….anything but simple, boring me. There, I've said it. TELL ME I”M NOT ALONE PWEASE?!!!

And I’m sure many people start cosplaying for similar reasons; a chance to be someone else. A chance to do something out of the ordinary. A chance to be their favourite manga character. A chance to be a ‘popular’ person (cosplayed character). A chance for a change that is bigger than the plain, ugly self I deem myself to be. 

(Please don't give me crap or flame me about faking self pity or phishing for compliments. There's no girl who won't feels self conscious )

WCS Singapore Preliminary 2010

AFAX Regional Cosplay Competition 2010

After doing my Skip Beat and Defence Devil stage performance, I discovered a love for acting/ performing. I realised I enjoy acting as the character that inspired my cosplay! I know it probably sounds all logical and sound on hindsight but let's just say it took me a while.
So all in all, I think I like cosplay because I want to live life, even if for a short few hours, as the cool, beautiful and engimatic characters I look up to. Not for the pretty skirt (okay, maybe a little bit), not for the fancy hair and not for the attention. I do it because I want to be just a little closer to the lovable individuals they are. They might not all be cool and kick arse but they all taught me something about life and gave my own boring life a kick of vitality xD!
I honestly don't know what's the whole point of my long proclamation but I sure as hell love confessing my love for this hobby and would like to hear yours too! Confess now! (comment & lemme know!)

I know I haven’t been as active as I ought to. But after my Semi-Hiatus I decided I want to put in more effort to the hobby while I still physically can. No worries, I’m not diagnosed with TB or something, just decided to live life in the moment =)

But I find it hard to abandon TheCosplayChronicles too because she’s my cradle baby so I guess I have to come to a compromise somewhere ^_^;

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