New Vocaloid 2 Rin Kagamine Cosplay

This is another cosplay from vocaloid 2, the character name is Rin Kagemine, this character not so popular like Hatsune Miku, Hatsune Miku is mostly responsible for Vocaloid's success, but i think Rin Kagemine seem cute too, The Vocaloid software has also had a great influence on the character Black Rock Shooter, Black Rock Shooter has similar design as Hatsune Miku, Yamaha started development of Vocaloid in March 2000, The Vocaloid singing synthesizer technology is categorized as concatenative synthesis.

well...this is another cosplay from chamaro, i post her cosplay with hatsune miku costume before, thats was awesome cosplay photo, and that it also looks very impressive for me, this time chamaro playing as Rin Kagamine on of the vocaloid character, i love everyting from this New Vocaloid 2 Rin Kagamine Cosplay, this photo look very professional, soft neat with dark shade, especially for the first cosplay photo, chamaro look awesome too with that Rin Kagemine cosplay costume. this New Vocaloid 2 Rin Kagamine Cosplay from amazing Rin Kagemine Cosplay!

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