Panty & Stocking Cosplay by Aira

Now I have a cosplay photography from Panty, Panty is one of the main characters in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Anime series, Her name, Panty, derivates her abilities to change all the panty be gun, To prepare for battle, Panty removes her Panties. Her abilityis being Able to transform her own Panties into a gun, Backlace, aspiritual gun which cans hurt the ghosts, Panty can also combine several different panty to form a bigger rifle-like Backlace.(its all about the panty  =.=") Panty is female angels whose mission to kill Ghost on earth, but Unlike her sisters Stocking, Panty does not take her job as a ghost-hunter too Seriously.Instead, Panty more focus on her own goal to sleep with a hundred men long as she was on earth, and she also has a low standards on men ^^".

well, i got this pretty Panty & Stocking Cosplay Photography by Aira from, please check there if you want see another nice cosplay photography, I can not imagine if Aira are the real Panty  >.<", will fall much men victim, (just kidding :D), but Aira is suitable as a panty, umm ... i mean not fit well as Panty, but Aira has manage to create a different and more mature Panty, i love to see the wig from this pretty Panty & Stocking Cosplay Photography by Aira, that spikey blonde wig looks cool in Aira, and I think that Panty Cosplay Costume That is just ordinary red dress, anyway its was pretty Panty & Stocking Cosplay Photography.Nice!

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