Kuroneko Cosplay Photography Gothic Lolita Style

I already post Kuroneko cosplay by Miyuko before with maid costumes, now i have Kuroneko Cosplay Photography Gothic Lolita Style, yea, the original Kuroneko is always dressed gothic lolita, usually by adding cat ears and tail bucing as additional accessories, on the "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai " anime Kuroneko voice dubbed by Kana Hanazawa, In the anime, she later refers to Kyosuke as" Nii-san "due to her Wishing to have an older brother and suggesting to annoy Kirino, while hinting some affection towards him, and She later joins the video game club after she enrolls into Kyosuke's school.

Well, this is another version of Kuroneko Cosplay Photography, the cosplayer name is Eki, Eki already have the right face as Kuroneko, I also like the makeup of this Kuroneko Photography Cosplay Gothic Lolita Style, with makeup that is not too thick to make this Kuroneko Cosplay Photography looks more natural, and the most I like from this cosplay photo is the background, this photo looks very majestic background and also very fit with the theme of Ghotic lolita, with big windows and soft lighting make this Kuroneko Cosplay Photography looks very cool, and That Ghotic lolita cosplay costume, that was great cosplay costume with high detailed making the cosplayer Eki looks very cute ^^, well i love this Kuroneko Photography Cosplay Gothic Lolita Style. i got this cosplay photography from Cosplay.lightchan.com, you can visit the original site, to see more cool cosplay photo >.< I love this cosplay photo.

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