Kuroneko Cosplay Photography by Miyuko

This is just another cosplay photography from "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai", and now i have Kuroneko maid cosplay clothes, Kuroneko have the meaning as "Black cat" Kuro (black) Neko (cat), or she also called with Rurigoko (Ruri is her real name ^^"), ​​Kuroneko is another otaku girl who lives near Kirino and later enrolls into Kyosuke's school, she always dressed on gothic lolita, and I think she always looks cute ^^, she dressed like that every day even during hot weather too lol, sometimes Rori also add cat ears and tail, which is why she was called by Kuroneko, Kuroneko Actually Wears red contact lenses to make her eyes seem bluish red. That make her look more cute >.<, but at home Kuroneko wears normal clothes and takes care of her younger sisters.

The cosplayer name of this Kuroneko Cosplay Photography is Miyuko, and I think this is the first time I post a cosplay photo from Miyuko, and this Kuroneko Cosplay Photography by Miyuko have a same place setting and the background as Saori Vageena Cosplay by Tasha that I posted earlier, I like to Miyuko appearance, she really looks very fit with the Kuroneko image on my mind, with straight black hair that makes Miyuko looks very cute, and also that attached cat ears to make her look cutier ^^", the cosplay costume from this cosplay photograph, has been made with very good too, ummm, I get this Kuroneko Cosplay Photography by Miyuko from Cosplay.lightchan.com, please visit the original site!

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