Koyuki Cosplay Juliet Police Dog Character

I got this Koyuki Cosplay Juliet Police Dog Character from cosrain.com, the photograph by Kojima (actually i am not sure about that) but mostly Koyuki cosplay photo was taken by kojima, so the Credits goes to: Kojima and Una, well...i really don't get what cosplay photo is this. its said its was cosplay from Animal Series Anime, and the character name is Julite Police Dog, but when i try to get information about this its no reasult, its still mystery anime for me xD, so anyone know what anime is this, please tell me and give comment >.<.

Whatever, though i don't know what cosplay is this, but i think Koyuki look great on this Koyuki Cosplay Juliet Police Dog Character cosplay costume, actually Koyuki always look great in every her cosplay photo, i don't know Koyuki was fit or not with the character she cosplaying, but i love the lightning and the angle this Cosplay Photo was taken, Kojima always did great photograph (like i said, i'm not sure its was taken by Kojima :D), i like first picture, Koyuki look great with perfect expression ^^. well...thanks to cosrain, Kojima, and Una to made this cool cosplay photograph.

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