K-On Cute Ritsu Tainaka Cosplay

If previously  I've posted Yui Hirasawa and Akane Miura cosplay, now is Ritsu Tainaka Cosplay photo turn, she is cute drummer in the K-On ^^, in this first season of K-On, Ritsu is a friend of Yui Hirasawa equally included in the club light music in school (more precisely Ritsu is a self-proclaimed president of the light music club) and started doing the exercises together and Spend Their school days practicing, performing, or just hanging out together, Ricchan is Yui's nickname of Ritsu, Ritsu Tainaka play Yellow Rick Marotta Signature Yamaha Hipgig drum kit with an add-on floor tom (in the opening credits only) combined with a cymbal set from Avedis Zildjian, [18] though is shown playing a white Yamaha Absolute Series drumkit in the anime's closing credits, Tainaka Ritsu is a cheerful girl and very playful in their daily life.

I got this Cute Ritsu Tainaka Cosplay Photos From Cosplay.Lightchan.com, although I added the name of Cosplay charakter in the photo, I did not mean to claim that posting pictures on this blog as mine, so take a time to visit the site of the original owner, i love this Ritsu Tainaka Cosplay photo, cosplayer name of this Ritsu Tainaka Cosplay Photos are Mizuho Nomura, Mizuho Nomura previously also cosplaying as Hisaeko busujima, that was cool Cosplay Photo, and this time I think Mizuho Nomura also very elegant with a character who has Ritsu Tainaka the Cheerful personality, and she also suitable as a girl who plays drums ^^. i mean Mizuho Nomura has a cheerful face, so she very fit if cosplaying cheerful character too, well, i really love this Cosplay photo >.<.

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