Beautiful K-On, Miura Akane Cosplay

Lately it all goes a mess up, starting from many spam blogs that copy whole my article, and also a my sucks friend >.<, hate this Week >.Akane Miura cosplay from K-On, Akane Miura is the personnel of the K-On she play euphonium, or Some say she plays the tuba, I think she is very cute and not less than Yui Hirasawa, and Akane Miura has personality Most people who say she is shy another character, like Mio and Azusa. But her personality changes in Some picture, Her voice sounds calm and sweet. Her song "Love Countdown" is Voiced by Yui Horie. Several videos with Akane's suppossed voice and album cover have been uploaded to the Internet, I love Akane Miura >.<.

Cosplayer name behind this cute Miura Akane Cosplay Photo is, Anji, cosplay photo I've posted previously Anji, likes when she playing as NaminĂ© from Kingdom of Heart II, that was amazong NaminĂ© Cosplay Photo, as well as with this Cute Akane Miura Cosplay Photo, Anji really have a cute face and very fit with a cute character too, and Anji looked so sweet and cute with her Akane Miura Cosplay Custume with Pink Hair, and also she was wearing  very cute school uniforms, and very typical in a mostly Japanese school uniform, I got this Cute Akane Miura Cosplay Photos from, and I love it ^^. GJ!

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