World Of Warcraft Night Elf Cosplay

I really like with World of Warcraft, although lately I have not played that game anymore and tried to stop spending money to play online games :D there is many nice Free to Play game (I would play again if it becomes free to play Wow hehehe xD), previously I've posted Elf from WOW , and now I have a Night Elf Cosplay Photo from World Of Warcraft, The night elves, or kaldorei (Sometimes spelled kal'dorei) are "Children of the Stars" in Their native tongue of Darnassian, they have a long and Fascinating history, and then They join as a member of the alliance at the and of the Third War, the kaldorei are a reclusive race born and Mystical During the waking of the world.

I already had this Night Elf Cosplay Photo for long time on my Cosplay photo collection, and I've forgotten where I got it (I'm sorry cant include who the cosplayer and original owner of this beautiful Night Elf Cosplay Photo), that whay i dont know who's the cosplayer behind this Beautiful Night Elf Cosplay Photo, I think it was in an some Event, or the official launching of a Wow product, (I really don't know exactly ^^") I love this Night Elf Cosplay Photo, the cosplayer really looks very beautiful and cute too, and also the Night Elf Cosplay Costume made ​​with very good and also very detailed, even the lace and motifs at the Night Elf costume has been made ​​with great detail, its look so perfect, except ... I think the Night Elves do not wear pants like that ^^", well this is Perfect and beautiful Night Elf Cosplay Photos.

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