This is why I wanna visit a Con in the west !


4 years too late but… really, this is why I wanna visit a Con in the states Canada!

*EDIT: Apparently these videos were not taken at a Convention in the States. My inital blog intention was actually directed towards Western Conventions in general but an error is an error, so I’m here to correct it =)

Uploaded by mastorione

Akatsuki vs Shinsengumi in an epic battle for supremacy

Uploaded by EmonKataren

The Greater Vancouver branch of Shinsengumi cosplayers complete Stage 4 of the Fight Progression first started at Sakura-Con 2007 with a great deal of help from Akatsuki.
Again, utmost care was taken so that we did not break convention policy regarding fighting/sparring.
Stages 1-3 can be seen here:
Taken at Anime Evolution 2007 in Burnaby, BC.

Uploaded by EmonKataren

The Vancouver branch of Peacemaker Kurogane and Shinsengumi cosplayers demonstrate an incomplete step-by-step to building a charge/battle scene that doesn't quite exactly break convention policy re: sparring/fighting.

Taken at Sakura-Con 2007 in Seattle, WA. To be completed at Anime Evolution 2007 in Burnaby, BC.

Why can’t we do something like this in Singapore??? Someone please volunteer yourself!!!!

I left the best for the last. Enjoy!

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