Fresh Cure Pretty Cosplay Eas Cure Passion

This is Amazing Eas Cure Passion Cosplay with beautiful Cosplay Costume by Amamiya Shiori (Amamiya look beautiful too :D), EasCure Passion is the Alter Ego of Higashi Setsuna, Higashi Setsuna Pickrun, the Akarun, has a ribbon and wings and She can transform into Eas, Eas first meets Momozono Love while working at the Labyrinth fortune-telling house. She, disguised as Setsuna at the time, tells Love that she will soon "encounter great happiness." Eas, now as Setsuna, finds Love playing Lucky Draw in town and asks her for a tour of the town, During a get-together, Setsuna tries to steal Love's Linkrun, but when it reacts, she puts it down. i got this Beautiful Eas Cure Passion Cosplay from

Hehe ... acntualy I don't know the story of this Fresh Pretty Cure, more precisely I don't ever watch this anime ^^". the story above I took it from the wiki, well ... one thing I know, the girls in Pretty cure always looks cute, and although i don't know this Fresh Pretty Cure anime, but I really admire this Beautiful Eas Cure Passion Cosplay by Amamiya Shiori, she looks very pretty and also cool with Eas Cure Passion Cosplay costume, and when i compare this with Passion Eas Cure picture on the internet I think Amamiya Shiori very fitting as Eas Cure Passion, and that Eas Cure Passion Cosplay Costume has been amazing made, thats look cool, has made ​​very good and right material, I love it >.<, Great work!

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